Sun Metals Window & Door Product Line
Sun Metals offers a wide selection of architectural windows including single-hung, casement, project-out and fixed windows.  All of the products are designed to meet the impact-resistant requirements for hurricane regions. 

Sun Metals line of sliding glass doors was designed, tested and manufactured to withstand the powerful wind and weather conditions of the southeastern U.S.  The impact-resistant doors have been tested to meet Florida’s stringent building codes, offering impact resistance to both large and small missiles.  The high-performance features are combined with eye-catching aesthetics, including multiple hardware and finish options to offer a versatile aesthetic.

Window Products by Sun Metals

- Series 250-V, Project Out Window (2-1/2" frame depth) (view)
- Series 250-H, Project In Window (2-1/2" frame depth) (view)
- Series 250-C, Casement Window (2-1/2" frame depth) (view)
- Series 275-HW, Single-Hung Window (2-3/4" frame depth) (view)
- Series 275-F, Fixed Window (2-1/2" frame depth) (view)
- Series 450 Fixed Window Wall (4-1/2" frame depth) (view)
- Series 550 Fixed Window Wall (5-1/2" frame depth)  (view)
- Series 650 Fixed Window Wall (6-1/2" frame depth) (view)
- Series 700 Curtain Wall (7" frame depth)  (view)
- SunDor 5000/5001 (view)